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Emotional Healing- Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Trauma

Marilyn Frazier is a Somatic Healer based in Los Angeles with over 20 years of experience. Her unique gift lies in helping others speed up the process of letting go of the emotional blockages that are robbing them of their inner peace and causing them to be reactive. The benefit is emotional freedom and new opportunities. They may ultimately experience a more peaceful, unconditionally loving, and compassionate way of being. Marilyn’s journey in becoming an unconditionally loving healer began with 2 back to back traumatic experiences, at the age of 21, that pushed her to start introspecting and transforming her own limiting beliefs. She lost her foot in a car accident and was then pushed into a marriage with a man she didn’t even like as a friend. Over the years, Marilyn continually transformed her consciousness by allowing life’s adversities to show her how to be emotionally intelligent. From first healing herself, she now holds the balance for healing others more quickly. From transforming her own pain into emotional strength, she possesses the gifted ability to energetically calibrate others to a higher vibration.

Marilyn believes that adversity can make us stronger. She learned experientially that acknowledging negative beliefs or reactions as they arise and taking responsibility for them, takes away the power they had over you, and is the first step to breaking old habits and patterns. As we continually let go of emotional blocks, our body’s channel opens up, which allows life-force energy from the universe to move freely through us. We then live in flow, in a state of love, and an absence of fear.

Healing ourselves has a positive impact on everyone around us. When we acknowledge and let go of our self-created emotional blockages, freedom emerges, and Marilyn is here to help her clients achieve that freedom. Through her guided, non-verbal, somatic therapy approach, Marilyn helps her clients release the emotional pain from the past that has been holding them back, which allows them to experience a new way of living that is grounded in peace, love, and new opportunities.

I Will Help You Achieve Physical and Emotional Healing Through Somatic Therapy in Los Angeles

Somatic Therapy in Los Angeles

Marilyn Frazier is a somatic therapist who has the ability to help her clients release emotional blockages and transform old habits and patterns. Through her own journey of facing adversity and finding inner peace, Marilyn has gained a unique perspective on the transformative power of healing oneself. She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve a sense of freedom and a new way of being grounded in peace, love, and new opportunities. To learn more, or to book a session, text (310) 903-9336.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a specific healing technique to address specific ailments?2023-05-25T17:01:32+00:00


Each session is tailored to help you let go of what you are ready to release. In each session, a divine source guides the practitioner to address the layer of emotions that you are prepared to let go of. The guidance is customized for your individual needs, as deep emotions buried in your subconscious are unknown to both you and the practitioner.


What can I expect during a somatic healing session in Los Angeles?2023-05-25T17:00:40+00:00

At the beginning of each healing session, there will be a 15-30 minute conversation to discuss your current concerns at no additional cost. Following the discussion, you will lie on a massage table facing upwards and relax meditatively while divine power guides the practitioner’s hands to locate any unresolved emotions stored in your body. During the process, the practitioner uses non-verbal energy communication to calibrate low frequencies to a higher vibration. After the session, you may require up to a week to process the old negative emotions that have been brought up to the surface of your consciousness, and once complete, you will be free of the hold those emotions previously had over you.

Do emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, and lack of self-love have a connection with physical symptoms like gut problems?2023-05-25T16:59:41+00:00

Yes, often, these emotional factors can lead to digestive issues. Addressing the root causes of your emotional problems through emotional release can lead to healing your emotional issues and related physical problems, such as gut issues.

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