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About Marilyn Frazier, Somatic Therapist in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Emotional Healing

Marilyn Frazier is a Somatic Healer based in Los Angeles with over 20 years of experience. Her unique gift lies in helping others speed up the process of letting go of the emotional blockages that rob them of inner peace and cause them to be reactive. The benefit is emotional freedom and new opportunities. They may ultimately experience a more peaceful, unconditionally loving, and compassionate way of being. Marilyn’s journey to becoming an unconditionally loving healer began with two back-to-back traumatic experiences, at the age of 21, that pushed her to start introspecting and transforming her own limiting beliefs… More About Me

Sometimes, when you know that something is wrong, you have to have a guide like Marilyn to release the sadness and anger as well as identify what it is. Thank you, Marilyn.
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I believe these positive changes were the result of my work with Marilyn and I am grateful to her for helping me get back to a place of balance and wholeness where I am free to enter the abundance of life.

Donn Swaby

Over the years of working with Marilyn, a bothersome tumor went away: thus I no longer need surgery. My tinnitus (noise in the ears) has continued to fade.
Marilyn is a true, compassionate healer with a sincere desire to heal others.
I am more and more amazed with every session. A true gift to me

Wade S

Let Me Help You Move Your Life Forward

I’m passionate about speeding up the process of giving men and women freedom from stress, emotional trauma, anxiety, addiction, and physical pain, by releasing the root cause. I will ‘energetically’ release the unresolved emotions from your body that are holding you back, so you can move forward and have peace.

Every session includes 30 minutes of life coaching prior to our emotional release energy session to discuss current issues, at no extra chargeMore

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Experience the Feeling of Moving Forward

Are you frequently experiencing emotional reactions and frustration? Do you feel that you’re not reaching your full potential? Have you noticed physical pain arising from unresolved emotional trauma? Consider the impact on your life if you continue on the same path. You may find yourself stuck in the same outcomes without breaking free from old habits and patterns. As long as your subconscious remains in control, you may feel powerless and victimized, unable to create the life you truly desire. I can expedite the emotional healing process, liberate you from the past and empower you to move forward with personal strength and the ability to make beneficial choices.

Text to schedule an emotional release session in Los Angeles or for a free 15-minute discovery call.

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Emotional Healing

I understand the profound impact of unresolved emotional pain on one’s well-being. My dedicated focus on emotional healing aims to help individuals release past traumas and find inner peace. I work closely with my clients through a compassionate and personalized approach to create a safe and nurturing space for their healing journey through somatic energy healing.


Physical Healing

I recognize the intimate connection between the mind and body, understanding that physical well-being, and its connection to unresolved emotions and trauma, is crucial for overall health and vitality. Through somatic experiencing therapy, my divinely-guided hands address and alleviate non-injury-related physical ailments, promoting optimal wellness and vitality.



My blog posts delve into various aspects of healing, self-discovery, and personal transformation. I offer practical tips, valuable advice, and thought-provoking perspectives that can inspire positive change in your life. Whether you’re seeking guidance on emotional healing, tips for physical well-being, or strategies for personal growth, my blogs are a valuable resource to support you on your path.


Physical Healing Testimonials

Summary of Healing Testimonials

As these testimonials explain, Marilyn has relieved clients of a variety of physical and emotional ailments by balancing their energy, and they regained control of their lives. 

Jennie Healed from Fibromyalgia, Lower Back Pain, and Gut Issues through Somatic Energy Healing

After our session, the alcohol cravings lifted. The grief came up and released. Fear came up and released. Certain memories i had been trying to access came up and got resolved. My back pain and my fibromyalgia pain and my brain fog have been not bothering me.”

Jeremiah Healed from Excruciating Pain and Lack of Range of Motion

And after she worked on me, I was much more flexible and much more range of motion than anything i’d done before…”

Emotional Healing Testimonials

Greg -Emotional Healing

The energy work we do has been one of the one of the prime tools in terms of helping me turn myself into the person I’d like to be and I’m still on that journey and i’m very grateful for it “

Bruce -Emotional Healing, Anxiety Therapy & Improved Sleep

I don’t wake up periodically in the night and the quality of the sleep is much more restful. I also noticed that my relationships dealing with people is less stressful. It’s a lot easier for me to be present and adjust with people without the same kind of anxiety. And I’ve noticed that things are opening up in my life.”

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