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Be relieved from the burdens of mental tension. Restore your inner calm through the transformative art of mental tension relief through somatic energy healing. Marilyn Frazier’s Mental Tension Relief service offers a sanctuary for individuals seeking solace from the relentless demands of modern life. With over two decades of experience, Marilyn’s healing touch and intuitive expertise guide you toward a life free from the weight of mental stress.

What is Mental Tension?

Mental tension, or psychological or emotional tension, refers to the state of heightened stress, pressure, or unease that individuals experience within their minds. Types of mental pressure causing tension include excessive worry, anxiety, unresolved conflicts, or the demands of daily life. Mental tension causes racing thoughts, restlessness, irritability, and mental strain, often accompanied by physical symptoms such as muscle tightness or headaches. Mental tension can interfere with cognitive functioning, leading to difficulties in concentration, decision-making, and emotional regulation. If left unaddressed, it can contribute to more severe mental health challenges. Managing mental tension often involves stress-reduction techniques, relaxation strategies, and seeking support or counseling when necessary to promote emotional well-being.

How to Release Mental Tension?

Releasing mental tension can be achieved through various strategies that promote relaxation and emotional well-being. Mindfulness meditation and deep breathing exercises effectively calm the mind and reduce stress. Regular physical activity, such as yoga or aerobic exercise, can help release built-up tension in the body and improve mood. Seeking social support, talking to a therapist or counselor, and practicing time management and stress-reduction skills can also be valuable in managing and releasing mental tension. Additionally, a healthy work-life balance, adequate sleep, and a balanced diet can contribute to overall mental well-being and tension relief. In addition to these methods, some individuals find relief from mental tension through somatic energy healing, which focuses on restoring balance and harmony in the body’s energy systems to alleviate both physical and emotional stress.

Unlock Tranquility: The Power of Somatic Energy Healing

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, mental tension can manifest as a heavy burden, clouding our clarity and eroding our well-being. Somatic Energy Healing is a sacred practice that acknowledges the intricate connection between our thoughts, emotions, and energy flow. This approach recognizes that mental tension often stems from blocked energy within our subtle energy system. Somatic energy healing aims to release these blocks by skillfully manipulating this energy, leading to a profound sense of relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Meet Marilyn Frazier: Your Compassionate Guide to Mental Tension Relief


Marilyn Frazier isn’t just a practitioner; she’s a beacon of healing light on your journey to mental well-being. With her healing hands and compassionate presence, Marilyn gently guides you through the labyrinth of mental tension toward the sanctuary of serenity. Her journey towards becoming an intuitive and unconditionally loving healer began with her own trials—a tumultuous chapter in her early life that propelled her to seek solace within herself.

Through introspection and transformation, Marilyn harnessed her own experiences to become a master of mental tension relief. Today, she uses her gifted touch and profound insights to facilitate healing in others, empowering them to break free from the chains of mental stress.

Experience Mental Tension Relief: What to Anticipate

Embarking on a journey of mental tension relief with Marilyn Frazier promises a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional approaches. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect:

Personalized Consultation

Your journey begins with a heartfelt conversation where Marilyn seeks to understand your unique challenges, triggers, and goals. This personalized approach lays the foundation for a tailored healing experience.

Energetic Assessment

Marilyn’s intuitive prowess comes into play as she assesses your energy system, identifying points of tension and imbalance. This assessment guides her in crafting a healing journey customized to your needs.

Somatic Energy Healing Sessions

Through her healing hands and profound insights, Marilyn guides you through somatic energy healing sessions that gently release the energetic knots of mental tension. As energy flows unhindered, a calmness and mental clarity envelop you.

Empowerment and Renewal

As sessions progress, you’ll feel renewed empowerment and inner strength. The shackles of mental tension loosen, making way for a life marked by emotional balance, clarity, and tranquility.

Lasting Transformation

Marilyn’s Mental Tension Relief service isn’t just a fleeting remedy; it’s a catalyst for lasting change. Experience a life where mental tension no longer holds dominion, replaced by a sense of profound well-being and mental resilience.

Can Marilyn Frazier help you to overcome mental tension?

If you find yourself entangled in the web of mental tension, seeking an authentic way to reclaim your mental clarity and emotional balance, Marilyn Frazier’s healing hands are your guiding light. Whether you grapple with work pressure, navigating personal challenges, or simply aspire to reconnect with yourself, somatic energy healing holds the promise of liberation.

Embark on a Path of Mental Tension Relief Today

Your journey toward mental tension relief and inner calm begins here. Book a session with Marilyn Frazier and experience the transformative power of somatic energy healing through her intuitive healing touch. Reconnect with your inner serenity, break free from mental tension, and open the doors to a life imbued with clarity and renewed tranquility.

Invest in Your Mental Well-Being

Don’t allow mental tension to dictate your life’s narrative any longer. Invest in your mental well-being and embark on a journey of liberation from stress and emotional turmoil. Schedule a session with Marilyn Frazier and embark on a path toward mental tension relief and lasting peace. Text me at (310) 903-9336 or contact me through this page to book a session.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Tension Relief

How long does it generally take to experience noticeable improvement in the state of mental or emotional strain or tension after somatic energy healing sessions?2023-10-09T13:51:21+00:00

The timeframe for experiencing noticeable relief from mental tension through somatic energy healing sessions can vary from person to person. Some individuals feel a sense of relaxation and relief after just one session. Each subsequent session dives deeper into your next layer of emotions. Every session reveals substantial changes.

Clients often report feeling a sense of calmness and increased clarity immediately after a somatic energy healing session. Typically, achieving more profound and lasting relief from chronic mental tension involves consistent and ongoing sessions. These sessions allow the practitioner to address underlying energy imbalances and facilitate a gradual shift toward a more balanced and peaceful state.

Factors that can influence the timeline of relief include the severity of the mental tension, how long it has been experienced, the individual’s receptivity to energy work, and their commitment to practicing self-care techniques between sessions. It’s important to communicate openly with your somatic energy healer, as they can provide guidance on the recommended frequency and duration of sessions based on your specific needs and goals. Ultimately, each person’s journey to relief is unique, and consistent engagement with somatic energy healing can lead to profound and lasting benefits.

How to get rid of mental tension? Is somatic energy healing suitable for all types of mental tension, or are there specific conditions it’s most effective for?2023-10-09T13:50:27+00:00

Somatic energy healing can benefit a wide range of mental tension issues, but its suitability may vary based on individual circumstances. It is particularly effective for addressing stress-related mental tension, anxiety, trauma, emotional imbalances, and feelings of overwhelm. Clients experiencing these challenges often find relief through the release of energy blockages and the restoration of energy flow within the body.

While somatic energy healing offers significant benefits for many, it’s important to note that severe or clinically diagnosed mental health conditions may require a comprehensive treatment approach that includes medical and psychological interventions. Somatic energy healing can complement these interventions by promoting relaxation and emotional balance, but it may not be a standalone solution for certain conditions.

Ultimately, the appropriateness of somatic energy healing for specific types of mental tension depends on the individual’s unique needs and circumstances. Consulting with a qualified somatic energy healer and any relevant medical professionals can help determine whether this approach is a suitable component of a comprehensive mental tension relief plan.

How does somatic energy healing specifically address mental tension and promote relief?2023-10-09T13:49:09+00:00

Somatic energy healing is a transformative approach that uniquely addresses mental tension by recognizing the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and energy systems. Through gentle touch and energy manipulation, somatic energy healing targets the energetic blockages and imbalances contributing to mental tension. This practice releases pent-up stress and promotes a profound sense of relief by facilitating the flow of energy within the body.

During somatic energy healing sessions, Marilyn’s intuitive touch and healing intention work to identify and clear areas of stagnant energy linked to mental tension. As these energy blockages are released, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are activated, fostering a greater sense of calm, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Clients often report experiencing a soothing sensation during the sessions, which can lead to a tangible reduction in mental stress and an enhanced overall state of well-being. The session will make you feel so light, you’ll feel like you’re floating.

Moreover, somatic energy healing doesn’t solely focus on alleviating surface symptoms; it delves deeper to address the root causes of mental tension. By restoring the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body, individuals can experience relief from the intricate web of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that contribute to their mental distress. Somatic energy healing offers a holistic path to mental tension relief, promoting inner calm, emotional resilience, and the potential for lasting transformation.

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