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Back pain limits your ability to perform everyday activities, affects your overall quality of life, and may even lead to long-term disability if your case deteriorates. Chronic back pain may also cause emotional distress, anxiety, and depression. The causes of back pain are varied. An old injury or improper posture may lead to back pain. However, the root causes of your back pain may be more profound. Moreover, your suppressed emotions and blocked energy channels may deny your body’s ability to heal, and may have caused your pain to surface.

What Can I Expect During My Back Pain Healing Session?

My mission is to help people find relief from physical ailments. Each healing session starts with a 30-minute, complimentary, discussion to explore underlying issues. Once we complete our exploratory discussion, we will commence with an energy healing session while you lay face up on my massage table. My hands and breath are then guided to raise low frequencies in your body to a high vibration,  to restore proper balance. 

My healing gift encompasses all of the following modalities:

Somatic Energy Healing

Though your back pain may be attributed to one or several direct causes, your back pain may have deeper emotional root sources. Somatic energy healing can help restore the flow balance and remove the emotional energy blockages within your body to facilitate its natural healing ability.

Energy Healing

Let my divinely-guided hands help release you from the suppressed emotions and traumatic experiences that are affecting your natural healing process. My divinely-guided hands can help speed up the process of healing your back pain, quickly. 

Jin Shin Release

Jin Shin release is applied by touching specific points in your body to locate and release energy blockages.

Chakra Release

This ancient technique involves positioning my hands in specific locations of your torso and performing an energetic calibration that releases old unresolved emotions, to achieve the harmony and balance needed for your body to heal itself. Aside from relief from back pain, chakra release can also address root causes that affect you psychologically, and restore a feeling of peace.

Somatic Therapy-Dr Marilyn Frazier

I Can Relieve You Of Low Back Pain

Let my healing hands speed up the process of your body’s natural ability to heal your back pain. My gift of healing has helped many people not only gain relief from their physical ailments, in the process they also receive freedom from their emotional blockages that prevent them from moving forward in life. Though you may approach me to address your back pain, my healing method also addresses underlying causes that are much deeper, and the results will bring beneficial changes into your life.

You will discover your better self and achieve an overall better quality of life.

To learn more about how I can help you heal your back pain, text me at (310) 909-9336 to schedule a session or a time to talk. I offer a 15-minute discovery call free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will it take to heal my back pain?2023-05-25T15:27:51+00:00

In most cases, any pain in the body that is rooted in suppressed emotions will be healed in 2 sessions. Your first session will address your emotional body, and your second session can then heal your physical body.

Is there a specific healing method to heal back pain?2023-05-25T15:27:13+00:00

The healing method I use is always the same, yet uniquely designed for your specific needs. I am divinely guided to locate and address your specific root emotional and physical causes.

Can you heal back pain?2023-05-25T15:10:37+00:00

Back pain, like many physical ailments, has deeper causes. A balanced energy flow within us can help our body heal itself quickly. I have healed many clients of back pain, even those who lived with the pain for many years, and even after surgery didn’t even help.

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