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Energy fields surround and penetrate the human body. Unresolved, suppressed, negative emotions disrupt these energy fields and pathways, which leads to psychological distress. Over time, it leads to imbalances in the physical body and manifests as pain and other ailments. Through my unique non-verbal Somatic Healing ability, I will restore balance to your energy field and energy pathways, which will free you of the energy blockages that are holding you back in life.

I facilitate the process of giving men, women, and children freedom from Emotional and Physical pain by releasing the root cause. 

Physical Ailments That Energy Healing Can Address

I can release any pain that has surfaced in your body that isn’t from an injury.

Physical Energy Healing in Los

Pain Due to Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be excruciating. The pain binds the sufferer into a confined space where they are further bombarded with negative thoughts, making the pain worse. If you have unresolved anger, I can free you of your fibromyalgia pain.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can stem from arthritis, recent injuries, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. However, the underlying cause of your knee pain may run deeper. With my divine guidance, I can accelerate your healing process and bring relief to your knees.

Back Pain

Excruciating back pain hinders our ability to perform daily tasks and find comfort.

I possess the ability to assist you in uncovering and healing the underlying source of your back pain, enabling you to regain control of your body.

Foot Pain

Foot pain may arise from inner disharmony between opposing aspects of your personality or excessive mental tension. Energy healing can restore the full functionality of your feet, allowing you to find balance within yourself and  resume your daily activities without hindrance

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be tied to emotional distress, such as grief, impacting your quality of life, sleep, and mobility. Physical ailments often have deeper origins. Allow my healing touch to alleviate your neck pain by addressing its emotional roots, bringing you relief and renewed well-being.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can stem from minor causes or signify underlying issues, like suppressed negative emotions. If left untreated, it may escalate into more complex conditions. My healing gift can release the negative energy obstructing proper healing, freeing you from hip pain and preventing future challenges.

Various Techniques Used in Physical Healing

Somatic Energy Healing

As a somatic energy healer, my hands are divinely guided to locate where you have subconsciously stored your unresolved emotional trauma, in your body, in its relative chakra and points of consciousness. I calibrate your emotional blockages to a higher vibration, which frees you of their hold on you.

Chakra Release

I can unblock and balance the energy flow within the chakras, the energy centers located throughout your body. I will restore the balance and the harmony of the flow of energy to enable you to reach a better state of health and well-being. 

Energy Based Healing

Your negative emotions may be the root cause of many of your health issues. These negative emotions may also cause harmful habits that lead you to suffer more. My hands are divinely guided to transmute negative emotions into positive ones to free you from what is holding you back.

Spiritual Counseling

The process of self-discovery and self-transformation is essential in getting positive beliefs that empower us. I will listen to your current belief systems and assist you with seeing a more beneficial mindset to move forward with.

Somatic Energy Healing in Los Angeles

I Will Help You Achieve Physical Healing

My gifted ability to transform emotional trauma opened up after I embodied unconditional love. My ability to transform physical pain opened up after I embodied self-love 13 years later. I can assist you with taking a big leap forward in as little as one session. New possibilities will emerge in your life. You will emerge into your true self, live peacefully in the present time, feel connected with universal energy, and have an overall sense of well-being.

To learn more about physical healing in Los Angeles, text me at (310) 903-9336. I offer a free 15-minute discovery call.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Can you help me quit smoking cigarettes?2023-05-18T14:27:58+00:00

Yes. Cigarette smoking may be an avenue that you provide yourself to escape stressful situations and a refuge from something that is holding you back. By regaining the power you want in your life, you will be free from your subconscious being in charge, eliminating the craving for cigarettes, alcohol, or harmful substances.

Can you help me with my insomnia?2023-05-18T14:27:21+00:00

Yes. Blockages and imbalances of energy may cause insomnia because of suppressed emotion, anxiety, and loss of direction in life. My ability to balance your energy system will release your mental tension and quiet your mind so that you can sleep. You will feel like you’re floating after our session.

Can you heal knee pain due to fibromyalgia?2023-05-18T14:26:38+00:00

If your fibromyalgia is rooted in unresolved emotions like anger, I can heal you of the pain that your body has manifested. Based on my experience, it will require at least two sessions. The 1st session is to clear your emotional body. The 2nd session can then address your physical body.

Is there a specific energy healing technique to address a specific ailment?2023-05-18T14:22:56+00:00

Every session is guided by a divine source. Each session addresses the next onion layer of emotions that you are ready to let go of. Neither you nor I know what is buried deep in your subconscious. The divine guidance knows. Therefore every session is perfectly customized for your specific needs.

What should I expect during an energy healing session in Los Angeles?2023-05-18T14:22:25+00:00

Each healing session starts with 15-30 mins of conversation to discuss your current issues at no extra charge. After our conversation, you will lay face up on my massage table and slip into a meditative state while a divine source guides my hands to locate where you are storing unresolved emotions in your body. During the process, I calibrate low frequencies to a higher vibration with non-verbal energy communication. Subsequent to our session, you will go through a processing period for up to a week, and then you will be free of the hold that those emotions used to have on you.

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