The Healing Power of Energy Fields

The energy fields surrounding and penetrating the human body are vital to maintaining both emotional and physical health. Blockages and disruptions in these energy fields—often caused by emotions such as guilt, grief, trauma, sadness, and psychological conditions like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)—can lead to significant distress. Suppressed or repressed negative emotions, whether from a traumatic experience or unpleasant event, result in energy blockages that disrupt these fields.

Over time, these blockages become the root cause of negative beliefs and emotional triggers. They lead to harmful habits, affect relationships, and manifest as emotional and mental health issues like stress and anxiety. By using divinely guided hands and unique healing abilities, energy healing can remove these blockages, restore balance, and ultimately help free you from what’s holding you back.

Free Life Coaching Sessions

My healing sessions include 15-30 minute of complimentary life-coaching to discuss your current challenges. However, because our energy session is divinely guided, you’ll be released from the root causes of your issues, regardless of whether we discuss them beforehand. Our conversation is for your benefit and does not influence the guided healing during your session. While lying on my table, you’ll be freed from whatever you are ready to release.

Emotional Issues Addressed by Energy Healing

  • Anxiety: Anxiety can severely impact anyone’s mental and physical health and daily life. Long-term anxiety also leads to physical health problems like digestive issues, high blood pressure, headaches, and heart disease. Energy healing targets the root causes, offering relief from the grip of anxiety.
  • Trauma: Trauma can negatively affect mental and physical health, daily life, relationships, and overall well-being. Healing trauma at its root allows you to grow into your fullest potential and prevents more severe issues down the line.
  • Stress: Stress harms emotional and physical health, relationships, and overall well-being. If left untreated, stress can lead to harmful coping mechanisms and behavioral changes.
  • Substance Dependency: People often use substances to cope with unresolved emotional issues. By releasing deep-rooted emotional pain, energy healing can free people from harmful dependencies. Even physical root causes of unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol dependency can be addressed.
  • Relationship Issues: Trauma affects behavior and relationships with loved ones, co-workers, and friends. Unhealed trauma leads to negative triggers, misunderstandings, and disharmony. By projecting past trauma onto current relationships, we relive past emotions and develop a victim mentality. Energy healing can clear these triggers and enable healthier relationships.

Various Therapies Used in Emotional Healing

  • Somatic Emotional Healing: As a somatic energy healer, my hands are divinely guided to locate unresolved emotional trauma stored in your body, relative chakras, and consciousness points. I calibrate emotional blockages to a higher vibration, freeing you from their hold.
  • Anxiety Remedy: By transmuting negative emotional imbalances in the subconscious, anxiety therapy helps recalibrate negative emotions to a higher vibration. Positive emotions replace fear-based feelings, allowing you to access new states of joy and tranquility.
  • Trauma Healing: I help surface all the trauma you’re ready to release, bringing it to the forefront of your consciousness for acknowledgment and healing. You’ll feel like your true self, free of triggers, and empowered to live up to your potential.

Achieve Emotional Healing in Los Angeles

Twenty-eight years ago, two back-to-back traumatic events pushed me to introspect for the first time. Ten years later, I discovered my gift of freeing people from unresolved emotions after embodying Unconditional Love. Nearly 13 years later, after fully embracing Self-Love, I developed the ability to heal people physically.

Because I first healed myself, I can now help others heal far more quickly than they could alone. You will stop repeating old patterns, find joy in the present, see new possibilities, and grow into your empowered self.

To learn more about emotional healing in Los Angeles, text me at (310) 903-9336 for a free 15-minute discovery call to begin your healing journey.