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Hip pain may only have minor physical causes or it could be a sign of something else, such as suppressed negative emotions. If left untreated, hip pain may lead to more severe medical conditions that will be much more challenging to address later on. Let my gift of healing free you from the negative energy that keeps your body from properly healing physical pain, such as your hip pain.

What To Expect During a Hip Pain Healing Session

Each hip pain healing session begins with 15- 30 minutes of discussion to feel out where you are currently at emotionally. Our first session will clear your emotional body. You will need at least one more session to then clear your physical body of pain.

Somatic Energy Healing

Physical ailments, such as hip pain, may have deeper root causes than what directly caused them. Achieving a better flow of energy, free of blockages, is essential in facilitating your body’s healing ability.

Chakra Clearing

Chakra clearing is also an effective method to clear energy blockages within your body. I focus on specific points in your body by positioning my hands over critical areas and calibrate your emotional blockages to a higher vibration. Chakra clearing can benefit your overall quality of life, as well as provide relief from hip pain.

Jin Shin Release

Jin Shin release is based on ancient Japanese medicinal practice where energy blockages within the body are found and released. My healing hands will help you unblock these energies to help facilitate your body’s remarkable ability to heal.

Energy Healing

Through my hands, let my gifts of healing release you from what binds you. I can transmute negative energy into something positive to allow you to move forward from your hip pain and its root causes.

I Share My Gift of Healing With People Suffering From Hip Pain

Somatic Therapy-Dr Marilyn Frazier

The negative emotions stored in our subconscious influence how we live and how the energy flows within us. These negative emotions cause blockages that lead to consequences for our health, as well as form harmful habits that bind us from moving forward. Let my divinely-guided hands-free you from what binds you. Along with relief from hip pain, or any other physical pain, you will also free yourself from your subconscious having control over you.

To learn more about how I can help you find relief from hip pain, text me at (310) 903-9336. I offer an exploratory 15-minute call for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific energy-healing technique that addresses hip pain?2023-05-25T16:29:13+00:00


Every session is divinely-guided, therefore it is perfectly customized to your specific needs. Every session is performed the same way, in a different pattern, according to your specific needs at that time.


Does it take many sessions to heal my hip pain fully?2023-05-25T16:27:43+00:00

Healing your hip pain will require at least 2 sessions. Our first session will address your emotional body. Our second session will address your physical body. Though the apparent physical causes may look superficial, the causes of your hip pain may be more profound. Addressing the balance of energy within your body can free the energy blockages and help speed up the healing process.

Can you heal my hip pain that is caused by fibromyalgia?2023-05-25T16:26:17+00:00

Through over a decade of sharing my gift of healing with people, some of the clients whose physical pain I healed once suffered from fibromyalgia.

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