I free people who are suffering from pain, addiction, emotional trauma, and anxiety. Through my unique gifts of healing, I will “energetically” release the root causes of your suffering. I will help free you from the unresolved emotions and traumatic experiences that are holding you back, causing pain, and creating suffering. You will break old, limiting habits and patterns. Through my unique somatic energy healing technique, anxiety therapy, and natural healing methods, I can assist you with moving forward and feeling peaceful.

My services include a free 15-30 minutes of life coaching before our emotional release session in Los Angeles.

Who I Help: 

People Who Need Somatic Energy Healing, Anxiety Therapy, and Natural Healing in Los Angeles

Everybody who is willing to let go of the past is welcome to reap the benefits of energy healing to address various psychological, mental, emotional, and physical issues:


Even though we are all individuals, we are all connected through the energy that surrounds us and flows through us. Though each individual has unique needs, anyone can reap the benefits of somatic energy healing, whether they need direction in their lives, are burdened by stress, keep getting emotionally triggered, feel stuck, or suffer from physical ailments… More


I can help couples dissolve the emotional triggers that prevent them from living in harmony. Your heart will more fully open, and your subconscious need for a heart wall will come down… More

Fibromyalgia Knee, Hip, Hand, and Wrist Pain

Fibromyalgia can be excruciating. It’s often rooted in unresolved anger. The pain binds the sufferer into a confined space where they are further bombarded with negative thoughts, making the pain worse. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Devastating events can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. They can cause a person to live in fear if left untreated.

Chronic Headaches, Lower Back, Spinal Stenosis, and Body Pain 

Chronic pain binds people from freely engaging in everyday activities. Suppressed emotions can cause these health issues. 

Smoking and Alcohol Addiction 

Smoking and alcohol addiction are often ways for people to cope with more profound problems. People turn to these substances to escape from issues that deeply affect them, and to avoid feeling their emotions. 

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression 

Daily living or past events can put a strain on our emotions, thereby leading to the manifestation of anxiety, stress, and depression. 


Anxiety and other emotional issues can negatively impact people’s ability to sleep well. Many of us suffer from this, which may lead to further physical problems.  

Loss of Direction in Life 

Anxiety, past experiences, traumatic events, and fear binds us from making important decisions in life, thereby preventing us from taking the next step to move forward in our lives. I can help balance your lack of trust in the unknown, so you have the confidence to take the essential next step forward. 

Broken Relationships 

Deep-rooted emotional issues from our past associations can negatively affect our current relationships, regardless of whether or not those people played a role in causing our emotional issues from the past.


Disruption and imbalances in our energy fields caused by suppressed emotions, spiritual imbalances, and traumatic experiences result in these emotional and physical issues. These emotional and physical issues are challenging to cure using conventional methods like talk therapy. Many of my clients claim that I helped them more in one session than in years of therapy or rehab. I bypass the mind and go straight into the body energetically, where the issues are stored. Text me at (310) 903-9336 to learn more or book a session.