Bruce Cofrin – Anxiety & Improved Sleep

Bruce Cofrin had been struggling with a constant level of mental anxiety in his life, which had been causing him a lot of distress. His friend Casey Wood suggested that he go see Marilyn Frazier, who was doing a new form of emotional clearing work. Intrigued, Bruce decided to give it a try.

During his two sessions with Marilyn, she used two different techniques, Jin Shin flows and chakra work, to move emotional energy within Bruce’s body. He felt a pleasant sensation throughout both treatments, and at the end of each session, he felt calm and mentally clear.

After his sessions with Marilyn, Bruce noticed some interesting changes in his life. First, his sleep, which had been a struggle for him, completely changed – both the quantity and quality of it improved, and he no longer woke up periodically in the night. He also found that his relationships with people were less stressful, and he was able to be more present and adjust to people without the same anxiety he had before.

Bruce also found that unexpected work opportunities began to come to him, without the same level of stress that he would have experienced before. Life just became easier and less stressful overall, which he attributed to Marilyn’s amazing work. Bruce believed that Marilyn’s bodywork was some of the most powerful and essential work that he had ever experienced, and he was grateful for the positive changes it had brought into his life.

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