Greg Testimonial on Emotional Healing

Greg’s journey with energy sessions with Marilyn took place over a two-year period. Initially skeptical, he tried it out and was blown away by the results. The energy work has helped him to transform his perspective on things and grow past negative emotions, especially during his divorce. He describes one session in particular where he released his extreme anger. During the session he forgave his ex-wife and her entire family, which was a significant step in his therapy. Greg believes that energy is real and measurable, and that the energy work he does with Marilyn is working on his unresolved emotions. Marilyn explained to him that our energy system is just as complex as our biology and that negative emotions are at the root of our negative beliefs. She believes that changing our beliefs requires us to let go of the negative emotions that we hold onto from the past. Greg’s perspective on life changed after his energy sessions. These sessions have helped him to align his perspective positively.

Gerg’s healing has allowed him to choose to sit in his grief, feel it, and not resort to drugs or alcohol. He stopped hiding behind his accomplishments and started dealing with past trauma and emotional issues. Marilyn, helped him to acknowledge and process his negative emotions from the past, which has allowed him to move on. The energy work done by Marilyn played an instrumental role in turning Greg into the person he wanted to be. He admits that he cannot explain how energy work works, and yet is grateful for the impact that it has had in his life.

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