Jennie – Healed From Alcohol Addiction & Anxiety

Jennie and Marilyn met six months after her chakra clearing, which was her first of two sessions. Marilyn asked Jenny what benefits she had been hoping to get from their previous chakra clearing. Jenny shared that she had been hoping to feel less grief, fear, or stuckness, and to her surprise, the session exceeded her expectations. 

During the session, Marilyn intuitively touched various areas of Jennie’s body that held trauma, memories, and unresolved emotions that Jenny had forgotten and suppressed. Jennie got to experience and release these emotions and memories and even gave traumatic incidents a different ending. Marilyn’s hands were guided to work on areas of her body beginning with the first traumatic experience and ending with the biggest recent one. 

After the session, Jenny felt that emotions were coming up, and they were initially boredom and stagnation, but then a lost memory came up, that she previously didn’t have access to. She listened to her body, and the memory came, and she grieved and felt fear, and then it passed. Since then, Jenny has been learning to let feelings come up, feel them, and let them pass, building stress tolerance. Because of her emotional release session, Jennie no longer craves alcohol, which she had been drinking every day since the pandemic started. Jennie stated that rehab couldn’t even help her with her alcohol addiction, when she was released, she relapsed. She also stated the her psychcologist told her that she wasn’t able to get through to Jennie until after her emotional release session with Marilyn. She also stopped using anxiety medication, because her anxiety was gone. Jennie now feels emotionally free, and she is able to connect with her daughters and dogs in a way that she couldn’t before. 

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