Jennie Testimonial for Healed Fibromyalgia

Jennie had been experiencing emotional and physical pain since she was a teenager due to the trauma she had gone through in her childhood and adult life. She had been to various healers and  had low back surgery 7 years prior, but nothing seemed to work. During her first session with Marilyn, they did a chakra clearing to address emotional healing, and it had amazing success. They then identified that they needed to address Jennie’s physical symptoms, her fibromyalgia pain, and the constant tightness and tension in her lower back, which also affected her ability to breathe in all the way.

Even after Jennie’s back surgery, the tension and pain persisted. She had been trying to figure out how to move without hurting herself and what exercises to do to support her back, but nothing seemed to work. However, after her session with Marilyn, she found herself moving freely and even dancing again. She was also able to engage in intimate activities that had not been possible for four years due to the pain and stiffness from her low back.

Marilyn was surprised to learn that Jennie had been living with fibromyalgia for half her life, since her teenage years. However, after their 2nd healing session, all of her fibromyalgia pain was gone. The brain fog that had plagued her for so long was gone as well. Jennie was shocked when she realized that she could even eat wheat products without any adverse reaction, something that would have been impossible before their session. Marilyn was amazed that Jennie’s 2nd session not only removed all of her physical pain, but that it had also remedied her gut issues.

During their sessions, Marilyn intuitively went to the areas where Jennie had experienced trauma, even though Jennie had not told her where to go. Marilyn understood that emotional pain is often at the root of physical pain and that addressing emotional healing was key to relieving physical pain. Jennie agreed, saying that the emotional pain had occupied her mind and contributed to her physical pain.

In the end, Jennie was amazed by the success of her sessions with Marilyn, which had addressed her emotional and physical pain and had given her a new lease on life. She finally felt free from the pain and trauma that had held her back for so long.

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