Laura – After Emotional Release Therapy

Laura had been dealing with a lot of pain and tension in her body, specifically in her right leg and knee. She had been holding onto a lot of negative emotions, especially related to an estranged ex, and this had been manifesting physically in her body. However, during a session with Marilyn, a healer, Laura was able to release all of that tension and pain.

At first, the process was intense and almost unbearable for Laura. She felt like Marilyn was breaking up the cartilage in her knee and pushing out all of the negative energy she had been holding onto. Her toes were quivering, her foot was twitching, and the pain was almost unbearable. But Marilyn persisted and helped Laura to let go of all of the negative emotions she had been holding onto.

As Marilyn worked on different areas of Laura’s body, she was able to release tension and pain in places Laura didn’t even realize were connected. Her left shoulder blade, which had been hurting from driving, was released and no longer hurt. Her knees, which had been causing her pain and difficulty standing up, were now completely pain-free. Even the tingling sensation in her feet, which had been caused by the tension and pain in her body, was starting to go away.

By the end of the session, Laura felt like a different person. All of the pain and tension had been released, and she was able to breathe freely again. Even the zings of anxiety and tension in her chest had dissipated. She felt relaxed, calm, and at peace. Thanks to Marilyn’s healing touch, Laura was able to let go of all of the negative emotions and physical pain that had been holding her back, and she was finally able to move forward with her life.

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