Laura – Healed from Knee Pain

Laura describes her positive experience after an hour-long energy session with Marilyn.

Despite suffering from severe osteoarthritis in both knees, Laura found immediate benefits from the session. Upon Marilyn’s touch, she felt energy flowing from her knee to her toes, and the entire leg seemed to buzz with sensation. Notably, she could feel the blood flowing through her knee, which was a welcomed sensation for her as she had been experiencing numbness in that knee. Marilyn was also guided to work on Laura’s hand and wrist, she experienced energized tingling sensations. Additionally, Marilyn addressed a concern point on Laura’s sternum. Although Marilyn was touching Laura’s finger, Laura felt warmth in her sternum, indicating increased blood flow. Overall, the energy session left Laura feeling amazed and with immediate positive effects.

For physical healing, especially healing of non-injury-related knee pain, text Marilyn Frazier at (310) 903-9336.