Martha’s Physical Healing Story

Martha had been suffering from a myriad of health issues, from pain in her knees and hips to a heart injury and a fibroid in her throat caused by an old injury. She had been told that she needed hip replacement surgery had been living with chronic pain for some time.

One day, she decided to try a session with a practitioner who offered alternative healing methods. When she walked in, Martha was in pain and discomfort, but as the practitioner began the session, she started to feel a sense of relief.

The practitioner used gentle touch and energy healing techniques to ease Martha’s pain, and she could feel the difference almost immediately. The pain in her knees and hips began to subside, and she felt a lightness in her chest.

As the session continued, Martha felt a warmth spreading from her waist to her chest, and she realized that she was feeling comfortable and light. The pain that had been plaguing her just moments before was now completely gone.

After the session, Martha told her practitioner Marilyn that she pulled on her arm the way that a doctor pulls on an arm to clear a person’s throat. She said, “You cleared an old injury from my throat from swallowing a piece of glass.” 

Feeling grateful and amazed at the power of the healing session, Martha left the practitioner’s office feeling renewed and refreshed, ready to face the world without the burden of her pain, or the need for hip replacement and heart surgery. 

This video testimonial was taken the day after Martha’s session. In addition to being pain free, and no longer needing 2 surgeries, Martha reported that her sleep greatly improved as well. She was able to sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

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