Martha’s Testimony About Marilyn’s Healing Touch

Martha had been struggling with a host of physical ailments, including pain in her knees and hips, a heart injury, and a fibroid in her throat. Her doctors had recommended hip replacement surgery, but Martha was seeking an alternative solution. That’s when she turned to Marilyn, a healer who offered a unique approach to pain relief.

When Martha arrived for her session, she was skeptical but hopeful. As Marilyn began working on her, Martha started to feel a sense of relief. The pain in her knees and hips started to dissipate, and she felt a lightness in her chest. Then Marilyn touched her arm, and Martha experienced a sharp pain in her throat. But to her surprise, the pain felt like a relief, as if something had been released.

As the session continued, Martha felt a warmth spreading through her body, from her waist to her chest. By the end of the session, she felt completely comfortable and pain-free, something she hadn’t experienced in a long time. She left Marilyn’s session feeling lighter, happier, and more hopeful about her future.

After this one session she no longer needed hip replacement surgery, or heart surgery and the fibroid in her throat dissapeared. Martha was relieved that she no longer needed her hips replaced or heart surgery. The pain in her knee also dissapeared. This was her 3rd session from Marilyn. Her first session cleared her emotional body, and her second session cleared her low back pain. Martha realized that the most effective treatments are the ones that are the least conventional.

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