Pete – Attestation from Another Healer

Mystic Pete is a healer who has a lot of experience in the healing realm. Despite his expertise, he was struggling with some physical and emotional issues that were affecting his relationships and overall well-being. That’s when he met Marilyn, an extraordinary healer who was able to help him in ways he never imagined.

The first time Marilyn worked on him, Pete felt a gentle and loving touch on his stomach. He also sensed an energetic presence around Marilyn that seemed to come from a wise being above her. As Marilyn worked on him, Pete felt a deep transformation happening within him, both physically and energetically.

Over the next year, Marilyn continued to work on Pete once or twice a month, and he began to notice profound changes in his life. His relationships with women improved, and he felt better emotionally. Marilyn’s work had also helped him with physical issues, such as his knee pain.

While Marilyn’s work was powerful, she didn’t claim to be a guru who could cure all of Pete’s problems. Instead, she held space for a higher dimensional reality, which empowered Pete to do his own healing work more quickly. This approach resonated with Pete, who felt more in control of his own healing journey.

Overall, Marilyn’s work has made a dramatic impact on Pete’s life, and he is grateful for her heart-centered approach to healing. Through her work, he released deep emotions and his energy shifted, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier life.

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