Society, traumatic events, and toxic relationships, among other things, subject us to painful challenges that lead us to suppress our negative emotions. These negative emotions may lead to mental issues, such as anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, these negative emotions also form toxic beliefs, bad habits, and health issues. I believe the human body is surrounded by energy fields and run by energy pathways. These suppressed negative emotions from past traumatic experiences lead to emotional imbalances, and blockages in these fields and pathways. These field imbalances can lead to physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. Ultimately the emotional pain from these energy imbalances leads to physical pain.

 Unfortunately, many people suppress their emotional pain, leading to severe cases of substance addiction and broken human relationships. I have encountered and helped many people have life-changing breakthroughs throughout my healing practice. In this article, we will be going through actual cases of somatic energy healing in Los Angeles and how my clients turned their pain into empowerment.

…after our session, the alcohol cravings lifted. The grief came up and released. Fear came up and released. Certain memories I had been trying to access came up and got resolved.

Jennie: Alcohol Addiction and Anxiety

Somatic Energy Healing in Los Angeles

I asked Jennie about the benefits she experienced after her first somatic energy healing session. She said during her session, I intuitively touched various spots that held trauma, memories, and feelings she had forgotten or repressed. Jenny got to experience and release her trapped emotions that were causing her grief and even gave her traumatic events a beneficial purpose. 

After the session, these traumatic memories were left in the past, and no longer controlled her thoughts and actions. Since then, Jenny has been allowing her feelings to come up, feel them, and let them pass through, which builds stress tolerance. She is no longer reactive. As a result, she no longer craves alcohol, after having the habit of drinking every night. She also began reaching out and having normal relationships, engaging in physical activities, and feeling less grief, fear, stuckness, and anxiety.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I hoped to feel less grief, fear, or stuckness like any incremental improvement would have been wonderful. But then, so many things improved. It exceeded my expectations.”

Laura: Pain and Tension Throughout Her Body

“I have bad arthritis in my knees, and sitting in the car so much has been difficult because they’re bent all the time. So I get out of the car and it’s hard to stand up but the left one, I feel like was connected to the hip because you were releasing a lot of stuff there. And I felt that in my tailbone. And then the right knee.”

Laura had been dealing with a lot of pain and tension in her body, specifically in her right leg and knee. She had been holding onto many negative emotions, especially related to an abusive ex, which had been manifesting physically in her body. During sessions, Laura released all that tension and pain. 

At first, the process was intense and almost unbearable for Laura. She felt like I was breaking up the cartilage in her knee and pushing out all the negative energy she had been holding onto. Her toes were quivering, her foot was twitching, and the pain was almost unbearable. I persisted and helped Laura let go of all the negative emotions she had been holding onto. 

As I worked on different areas of Laura’s body, I released tension and pain in places Laura didn’t even realize were connected. Her left shoulder blade, which had been hurting from driving, was released and no longer hurt. Her knees, which had been causing her pain and difficulty standing up, were now completely pain-free. Even the tingling sensation in her feet, caused by the tension and pain in her body, was starting to go away. In a previous session the Neuropathy she had in her right leg disappeared. 

By the end of the session, Laura felt like a different person. All of the pain and tension had been released, and she could breathe freely again. Even the zings of anxiety and tension in her chest had dissipated. She felt relaxed, calm, and at peace. Because of Marilyn’s healing touch, Laura could let go of all of the negative emotions and physical pain that had been holding her back, and she could finally move forward with her life.

“…both knees were in pain. I felt great. They don’t hurt at all. The pain is completely gone. Completely gone. My feet are still tingling a little bit, but it’s completely gone. Tingling as in like you’re asleep like they’re waking up from being asleep. Yeah, the right one, especially. I can still feel it buzzing a little bit, but there’s no pain at all.”

Sandy: Physical and Emotional Healing

“I just couldn’t say no to my ex or escape the whole situation. Okay, but that night after our session I had a dream, I could say no, and it was over and I’m good. Okay, so I released that… I came out after this feeling more energetic, feeling free. Yeah, my shoulder pain is gone, my knee pain is gone.”

Physical and Emotional Healing

Sandy was feeling overwhelmed with stress and physical pain in her life. She had difficulty saying “no” to people, and her ex-partner was causing her problems. 

During the session, Sandy felt like she was on a beach at night, and waves of relaxation flowed through her body. She was able to release her stress and let go of her ex-partner, and she had a dream that allowed her to say “no” and move on.

After the session, Sandy felt like a new person. Her shoulder, knee, and jaw pain disappeared, and she no longer gritted her teeth due to stress. Her energy returned, and she was able to get more done. 

“I like myself now. That’s probably why I’m so refreshed and I’m ready to go, and I’m back to myself like, yes, I haven’t found this person in a long, long time.”

Pete: Lower Back Pain and Relationship Issues

“I hurt my lower back. I’m lying on my living room floor moaning in pain, unable to move, and I give Marilyn a call, and she comes over that very day like an angel, and she puts her hands on me, and she begins to cry, and I also felt sadness inside, and she said that she felt that deep grief inside of me.”


Twelve years ago, a healer named Pete had much experience in the field. But despite his expertise, he struggled with some physical and emotional issues affecting his relationships and overall well-being.

The first time I worked on him, Pete felt a gentle and loving touch on his stomach. He also sensed an energetic presence around me that seemed to come from a wise being above. As I worked on him, Pete felt a deep transformation happening within him, both physically and energetically.

Over the next year, I continued to work on Pete once or twice a month, and he began to notice profound changes in his life. His relationships with women improved, and he felt better emotionally. My work also helped him with physical issues, such as his lower back pain.

Throughout the session, I held space for a higher dimensional reality and empowered Pete to do his own healing work. This approach resonated with Pete, who felt more in control of his own healing journey. Pete has the best client description of the experience:

“She actually holds space for some higher dimensional reality and then I have to do my homework and learn it. And I like that approach because I feel very empowered. It’s ultimately me doing the work. It’s me advancing.”

You Ultimately Hold the Key to Turning Your Pain Into Empowerment, and I Speed Up That Process For You

The goal of somatic energy healing is to release the blocked or stagnant energy in the body caused by suppressing negative emotions. Facilitating the flow of energy throughout the system will promote healing and overall well-being. My clients attest that they feel free from the pain and trauma that had held them back after releasing these negative emotions. It is you who ultimately heals yourself during our session by being willing to let go of the past. My role is to help you through the process by speeding it up. The results astound those who go through it. 

If you are in pain, it may be rooted in emotional trauma. If you have developed bad habits or are getting upset regularly, you may be a victim of your subconscious. Free yourself. Experience the feeling of moving forward. I will empower you to create the life you really want. Quick and profound change is possible. Visit my site or text me at (310) 903-9336 to learn more.